Oct 10, 2010

Medical Student Suffers Dog Bite Injury

Medical Student Suffers Dog Bite Injury in Florida

The above article provides just one more example of how dangerous dogs and animals can cause serious and permanent physical injury and serious and permanent pain and suffering.

When you or a loved one has been attacked by a dog, the damage caused can last forever. At times like these it is important to protect your rights to safety and well-being by contacting a Cleveland Ohio dog bite attorney.

The emotional damage from a dog bite can last forever in recurring nightmares. Victims of dog bites may never be able to enjoy the company of any dog again and the mere sight of a dog that looks like the attacker can make the victim paralyzed with fear. Whether the dog is a pit bull, doberman pinscher, husky, german shepherd, rottweiler, or an akita, protect your rights by calling a Cleveland Ohio dog bite lawyer.

If you or a loved one are the victim of a dog bite, contact a Cleveland Ohio dog bite lawyer. Your rights are more important than the rights of the person who owns or harbors the dog!

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  1. When dog owners neglect to exercise care and visitors are hurt, people's lives can be wrecked and courts will impose substantial money damages to compensate victims. Compensation has been recovered for injuries when somebody was running from a dog, when someone fell after being chased by a dog, or when somebody was knocked to the ground by a dog. Owning a dog carries special obligation to ensure others' safety. If you're a delivery person, newspaper carrier, utility worker, or any visitor to another's property where a dog is present, and are hurt by the dog, you have a right to recover money damages under the law.

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  14. Whether the dog is a pit bull, doberman pinscher, husky, german shepherd, rottweiler, or an akita

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